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Are Pea Puffers hard to keep in an aquarium?

An experienced aquarist will know that Pea Puffers need a little bit more attention than the average tropical fish. The aquarium water quality must be optimum, and care must be taken to ensure they are feeding.

Hand-feeding bloodworm using tweezers is advised, to ensure they are feeding and get them used to regular feeding times. Clearing any uneaten food is essential to avoid ammonia spikes. It is not uncommon for fish keepers to encounter some difficulty keeping Pea Puffer fish.

pea puffers in an aquarium | Real Aquatics

What other names are Pea Puffer Pufferfish known as?

Pea Puffers species, Carinotetraodon travancoricus, are also commonly known as Dwarf Indian puffers, Pygmy puffer fish, Malabar puffer and Kerala Puffers. 

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Photo credit(s): Getty Images (title image) Jasleen K (above) from Fife.

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