Earn cashback on hundreds of products by looking out for the CASHBACK TAG on eligible products!
You can browse all CASHBACK eligible products by clicking here.

How our Cashback Scheme works
All "Cashback" earned is saved to your Cashback wallet which can be accessed in your account by logging-in. You will need to create an account to be eligible to redeem cashback.

When you make a purchase of an item that has cashback available, the cashback will be allocated to your account "wallet". You can redeem your balance at any time by clicking on your wallet via your account.

When you have chosen how much you want to redeem against your next purchase, redeem this value in your wallet and a code will be generated to enable you to apply the cashback amount to your checkout basket.

You can create an account or login by clicking on this link.

Cashback Terms and Conditions

Our Cashback scheme is offered as redeemable store credit which can only be redeemed on future purchases with Real Aquatics via our website www.realaquatics.co.uk and has no alternative cash value.

Cashback cannot be withdrawn from the website and will remain in your Cashback wallet until redeemed. Cashback earned has no expiry date while the scheme is in operation.

Cashback can be earned by purchasing eligible products (only) but is redeemable on all other product ranges across the website.
Cashback cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts.
Cashback cannot be used against shipping fees.


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