Fish Care & OATA Guide Sheets

Here you will find a selection of useful care guides to make your fish keeping hobby a success. Guides will be categorized into useful sections covering all aspects of the hobby. If a guide is produced by a third-party, the image will contain their logo.

OATA The Ornamental Aquatic Trade Association

OATA - The Ornamental Aquatic Trade Association - have a good range of free care sheets for coldwater, tropical freshwater and marine fish as well as for invertebrates, aquatic reptiles and plants.

You can also find links to each guide via our blog pages.

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1. General Hobby Guides
2. Coldwater Fish
3. Pond Fish
4. Tropical Freshwater Fish
5. Marine Fish
6. Brackish Fish
7. Freshwater Inverts & Plants
8. Marine Inverts & Plants
9. Aquatic Reptiles
10. Posters
11. Video Guides

1. General Hobby Guides

OATA Guide to Water Testing and Water Quality in Ponds and Aquariums   OATA Guide to Setting up a Pond

OATA Guide to setting up a Tropical Aquarium   OATA Marine Tank setup guide

   OATA Guide to Buying Fish Online | Real Aquatics




2. Coldwater Fish Guides

OATA Guide to keeping goldfish in aquariums   OATA Guide to keeping Fancy Goldfish


3. Pond Fish Guides

OATA Guide to keeping and introducing Pond Fish   OATA Guide to Setting up a Pond   



4. Freshwater Tropical Fish Guides

OATA Guide to setting up a Tropical Aquarium  

OATA Guide to Tetras...  

  OATA Guide to Barbs

OATA Guide to Guppies...   

OATA Guide to Rainbowfish   OATA Guide to freshwater sharks

OATA Guide to Dwarf Cichlids   OATA Guide to American Cichlids

OATA Guide to African Malawi Cichlids  

OATA Guide to rare species...   OATA Guide to aggressive species   OATA Guide to Killifish   OATA Guide to loaches

OATA Guide to wild caught fish   OATA Guide to tankbusters

OATA Guide to catfish   OATA Guide to discus





5. Marine Fish Guides

OATA Marine Tank setup guide   OATA Marine fish guide Butterflyfish...

OATA Marine fish guide Dwarf Angelfish   OATA Marine fish guide Angelfish

OATA Marine fish guide Seahorses...   OATA Marine fish guide Morays...

OATA Guide to marine fish Venomous...  







6. Brackish Fish Guides

OATA Guide to brackish fish  


7. Freshwater Inverts & Plants Guides

OATA Guide to freshwater shrimps...   OATA Guide to crayfish crabs



8. Marine Inverts & Plants Guides

OATA Marine Tank setup guide   OATA Guide to marine corals  

OATA Guide to palytoxin...  




9. Aquatic Reptiles Guides

OATA Guide to turtles and terrapins   


10. Video Guides







10. QR Codes for Guides

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