Welcome to Real Aquatics, your go-to online pet products retailer.

Company History

Real Aquatics was founded in 2015 by Mark Chinnery, John Harward and other investors. Mark had previously performed a key development role at another large online pet retailer for many years, and with the help of his old colleague and friend Mike Humphreys, and local fish expert Christine Nurden, Real Aquatics quickly established itself as one of the market leaders in the online aquatic supplies industry.

In 2017, Real Aquatics opened their first shop at Hartwell Nurseries, near Aylesbury, establishing a thriving local customer base and expanding into livestock and general pet goods. The store soon moved to new premises in Lacey Green, Buckinghamshire.

In late 2017, the Real Pet Store was established with an online website catering for dogs, cats and general pets. Today this is one of the most successful online pet supply companies in the UK.

When Covid hit in 2020, the difficult decision was made to close the shop due to the effect of local restrictions and footfall difficulties during lockdown. The business moved fully online, into new larger premises in Ilmer, Buckinghamshire. Click and collect services were made available on site and still continue to this day.

Today, the Real group of pet supply companies is overseen by Mark, John and Mike and continues to run with a dedicated staff of office and warehouse employees - working hard to bring you the best brands and latest product releases!

Company Mission

Here at Real Aquatics, we are dedicated to sourcing and providing the highest quality aquarium, pond, and reptile products.

Since 2015, the Real Aquatics team has spared no effort to supply our customers with the best products, at the best possible prices – speedy delivery is just a bonus!

We endeavour to stock all the solutions you’ll need for freshwater, tropical and saltwater marine fish tank aquariums, as well as outdoor fishponds and products.

New to all things aquarium? Don’t worry – we provide the latest expertise and information on all things fishy! We have one of the largest aquatic blog resources available online. Check out our blog posts and fish-keeping guides at the bottom of this page, and our YouTube channel for tips on aquarium maintenance and more!

Did you know? Our sister stores Real Pet Store and Real Reptiles also cater to all your other pet needs!

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