Can I top-up my pond with a hose during a hosepipe ban?

Can I top-up my pond with a hose during a hosepipe ban?

It is perfectly safe and easy to top up a garden pond using a hose pipe, but can you do so during a national hose pipe ban? In a country where it seems to rain regularly throughout 90% of the year, hosepipe bans can be particularly frustrating for the British pond fishkeeper.

According to the Water Use (Temporary Bans) Order in the UK, when a hosepipe ban is in place people are forbidden from using a hosepipe to fill a pond. However, there are some exceptions. If you have a pond with fish in it and it is unavoidable for the welfare of the fish, you are allowed to use a hosepipe to top it up.

hose pipe filling a pond

General top-ups, water changes or other low-level cosmetic pond maintenance that is perfectly reasonable to perform without the use of a hose, must always be performed adhering to the rules during a hose pipe ban.

If there is a genuine issue with welfare, for example if the water level drops too low for fish to survive, an emergency such as a fast leak that poses a risk to livestock well-being, or the water is too warm to be a safe habitat, using a hose pipe or any other method to top up the pond is a perfectly reasonable and responsible thing to do, even during a hosepipe ban.

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Data correct as of 05/06/2023

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