rainbow shiners

Can Rainbow Shiners be kept in a coldwater aquarium?

Rainbow shiners only grow to around 3 inches maximum, so they can be kept in an indoor coldwater aquarium, or an outdoor pond. Rainbow shiners can tolerate a range of temperatures, and are mid to upper level swimmers in an aquarium. Rainbow shiners are very active, and do tend to jump when spawning, so an aquarium with a secure lid is recommended. 

When spawning, the color of their bodies changes from a pink to a goldish colour, with their fins reddening at the base. Males change color when they are about to spawn - their fins turn blue, their heads turn purple, and their noses become red. This makes it easy for a breeder to identify. Planted aquariums or ponds with enough clear space for swimming are ideal - tall plants such as elodea and vallis are recommended. 

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