Can you use a Magnet to deter a Crocodile?

Can you use a Magnet to deter a Crocodile?

In theory, yes, you can use a magnet to deter a crocodile...

Crocodiles, crocodilians, are long lizard-like semi aquatic creatures that inhabit mostly dense plant areas of freshwater ponds and lakes. Some crocodiles inhabit brackish water and saltwater habitats too. In Florida, persistent crocodiles that visit human habitats are either culled or captured and relocated.

As crocodiles use magnetic cues to orient themselves, a common trick with particularly troublesome crocodiles has been to glue a magnet to the top of their head - this interferes with the animals homing ability, so that the crocodile cannot return to where it is not wanted.

Alligators, in contrast, are considered extremely dangerous if loitering around human habitats, and are usually hunted, removed and killed by a licensed alligator hunter, like in the TV series 'Swamp People'.

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