Did you know? Glass Catfish

The Glass Catfish - did you know?

In our regular blog feature "Did you know?" we explore brief but fascinating facts about various fish species. In this blog we look at the Glass Catfish.

glass catfish

Did you know, the glass catfish is indigenous to Thailand and has also been found in Penang, Malaysia.

Did you know, the scientific name for the Glass Catfish is kryptopterus vitreolus derived from the Latin word “vitreus” meaning glass and the Greek word "kryptos", meaning hidden.

Did you know, the previous scientific name of the Glass Catfish species was kryptopterus bicirrhis, but that has since been agreed upon as a misidentification and renamed.

Did you know, the Glass Catfish belongs to the order Siluriformes as do all other species of catfish.

Did you know, the spines of this catfish species do not extend past the dorsal or adipose fins, and their dorsal fins may be tiny or absent altogether.

Did you know, in the wild, the diet of a Glass Catfish typically comprises of zooplankton, worms and invertebrates.

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