Fish Profiles: Pearlscale Cichlid

Fish Profiles: Pearlscale Cichlids

Pearlscale cichlids are freshwater fish belonging to the Cichlidae family. They are native to North Mexico and are found in lagoons, especially at the mouth of the Panuco drainage. They are oval-shaped and have iridescent scales that reflect blue-green hues. The female has a black blotch on its dorsal fin.

The Pearlscale cichlid is an omnivore and should accept dry foods without any problem. Feed them a high-quality cichlid pellet as a staple and vary often with frozen and live foods. They will especially appreciate brine shrimp. Also offer regular feedings of vegetable/spirulina flakes or similar.

pearlscale cichlid

Scientific name: Herichthys carpintis
Distribution: North Mexico
Size: 25-35cm
Order: Cichliformes
Family: Cichlidae
Phylum: Chordata
Diet: Cichlid pellet, frozen food, river shrimp
Temperament: Territorial - mix with similar size fish
Recommended aquarium size: 55 gallons / 200 litres
Temperature: 24–26°C
pH: neutral 7.0
Hardness: 8-12°H
Expect to pay in store: £15-25 (uncommon)

In terms of aquarium size, a tank of 48"L x 18"H x 15"W (120cm x 45cm x 37.5cm) is recommended for adult specimens. The Pearlscale cichlid is an attractive fish and is relatively easy to keep and breed. However, be careful when choosing tankmates as they can be territorial and sometimes downright aggressive.

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