Guide to Planting and Maintaining Marginal Pond Plants

Marginal Pond Plant Guide

Marginal pond plants are best placed on shelves or shallow areas within and around a pond. Plants listed with a minimum planting depth of 0cm (zero) are also suitable for planting outside of the pond in damp ground making them ideal for bog gardens.

Each product listing will have a planting depth advertised. Marginal planting depths are provided as a guide only, with the depth being the amount of water between the water surface and the top of the pond basket.

It is recommended that 9cm marginal plants are potted-up into a larger pond basket to allow room for growth. Positioning smaller-sized marginal pond plants no deeper than 25% of the maximum recommended planting depth will allow the plants to grow and mature.

marginal pond plants
It is not necessary to re-pot 1ltr marginal plants, however it would be beneficial, especially for taller plants above 50cm in height, to prevent them from falling over. Place this size marginal pond plant in the pond no deeper than 50% of the maximum recommended planting depth to allow the plants to establish.

3ltr and 5ltr marginal pond plants are generally larger and more established, so they do not require re-potting, and can be placed up to the maximum recommended depth.

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