Guide to Planting and Maintaining Moisture Loving Pond Plants

Moisture Loving Pond Plants Guide

All pond plants help maintain water quality by absorbing excess nutrients and releasing oxygen into the water, promoting a healthy aquatic environment. Moisture Loving Plants improve the overall look of the pond and are excellent for bog gardens or damp areas where the soil does not dry out.

As moisture loving pond plants plants grow they begin to shade the pond with their leaves. Shade is ideal for fish to rest under, and shade also reduces the overall sunlight level hitting the pond - which reduces algae growth.

Pond plants, especially ferns and larger-leaved plants, also attract an array of wildlife to the pond. Insects and newts use pond plants and marginal rocks in some way, either to feed or for shelter.

moisture loving pond plants

How and Where to Plant Moisture Loving Pond Plants

A damp area at the side of the pond planted with moisture loving plants or pond plants that tolerate drier conditions is ideal as it provides a moist area with cover for frogs and toads. Try adding some rocks for effect and shelter. 

To plant, simply remove the plant from the pot and position in a hole deep enough to accommodate the root ball. Then back-fill around the plant gently firming the soil around the planting area. Make sure to trim back dead foliage on moisture loving pond plants in Autumn.

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