How often should I feed an L081 Golden Nugget Pleco?

How often should I feed an L081 Golden Nugget Pleco?

The Queen Golden Nugget Pleco L081, Baryancistrus sp., is also known as the Gold or Orange Seam Pleco, and the Small or Fine Spot Pleco among other names. It is one of many variations of Golden Nugget plecos. It is believed to originate from the Rio Xingu river in the Amazon basin, Brazil.

Baryancistrus sp. pleco's are often under-nourished and can be quite fussy to adapt to new feed or conditions, so taking the time to monitor feeding under an extended period of acclimatisation is recommended.

Ensuring a healthy resource of driftwood and organic plant matter is present in the tank will help Golden Nugget plec's adapt to grazing in the aquarium. Baryancistrus pleco's have a relatively high metabolism so may require several meals per day if they lack a grazing source. As usual, make sure you dispose of any uneaten food within 15 minutes of feeding.

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Photo credit(s): C Carter / L Chinnery



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