Ludwigia Palustris

How big do Ludwigia Palustris red plants grow?

Ludwigia Palustris red, or Common Water-primrose, generally grows up to 12-20" inches. Its height and colour is highly dependent on your care - the stronger the light provision, the more intense its colour will be. 

In lower lighting the internodal distance (the gaps between the leaves) is increased, and the leaves remain a duller green/red colour. The lower leaves may drop off. It does produce aerial roots, which can be left alone or trimmed if desired.

Ludwigia palustris red is an ideal background plant due to it fast growth. With its high impact colour it can be used to great effect as a focal point in the aquascape. It contrasts brilliantly with the greens of other plants and dark brown wood.

Ludwigia palustris red is also ideal to use as a starter plant in a new setup due to its fast growth and ability to remove nutrients. This helps to prevent algae which is very common in new aquariums.

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Photo credit(s): Getty Images


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