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How Deep are our Oceans and Seas?

Without our oceans and seas, there would be no fish. In our regular blog feature we explore the depth, area and volume of Earth's oceans and seas. Here is a run down of the depth and area of the Andaman Sea.

Andaman Sea

The Andaman Sea covers an area of approximately 308,000 square miles, or nearly 800,000 square kilometres.

The Andaman Sea has an average depth of around 2850 feet, or around 870 metres. It has a greatest depth of around 12,400 feet, or 3800 metres.

The Andaman Sea is also known historically as the Burma Sea. The Andaman Sea is a marginal sea of the north eastern Indian Ocean bounded by the coastlines of Myanmar and Thailand along the Gulf of Martaban, and the west side of the Malay Peninsula. The Andaman Sea is separated from the Bay of Bengal to its west by the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. 

The Andaman Sea is a rich fishery and its coral reefs and islands are popular tourist destinations. A number of earthquakes have affected the Andaman Sea region, as it sits on the boundary between two major tectonic plates resulting in high seismic activity.

Surrounded by volcanos and southeast Asian monsoons, the water temperature of the Andaman Sea remains warm and steady throughout the year. The average water surface temperature mulls between 26-28°C. Salinity is 31.5–32.5‰ ppt (parts per thousand) in summer and 30.0–33.0‰ in winter in the southern part. In the northern part, it decreases to 20–25‰ due to the inflow of fresh water from the Irrawaddy River.

Andaman Sea | Real Aquatics.

How Many Fish Live in the Oceans on Earth?

Scientists estimate the total number of fish in the Earth's ocean to be around 3,500,000,000,000, comprising of around 20,000 different species. However, accurately counting the number of fish is near-impossible task. It is very difficult to estimate what percentage inhabit the Andaman Sea.

The estimated number of fish in our oceans and seas is constantly changing due to environmental factors, plus as fishing, predation, and reproduction. 


Photo credit(s): Amazing Andaman Sea Phi Phi Island, Getty Images (title image) Cliff in the Andaman Sea Thailand, Getty Images (above).

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