How fast do Striped Raphael Dora Catfish grow?

How fast do Striped Raphael Dora Catfish grow?

The Striped Dora is a peaceful nocturnal catfish popular with aquarium fishkeepers due to its inquisitive and passive nature. The Striped Raphael Dora catfish will make squeaking noises while out of water, hence why they are called talking catfish.

Striped Raphael catfish grow to reach between seven and nine inches in length. This catfish species grows very slowly, at a rate of around one inch every 1-2 years until reaching full adult size.

Take care not to catch the striped Raphael catfish with a fish net because they are prone to sticking out their pectoral fin spines in a very rigid manner, especially if stressed. Untangling these spines from a net is difficult and dangerous to both handler and fish.

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Photo credit(s): Canva Pro Licence / Getty Images


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