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How Long Do Jellyfish Live In The Wild?

Jellyfish are becoming increasingly popular among aquarists, and keeping them  in captive aquariums has become somewhat of a craze. Like any fish, the ideal conditions to keep them in will mimic their natural environment in the wild.

Jellyfish live around one year to a year-and-a-half in the wild. In captivity, its usually 6 months to a year, largely because of the difficulty replicating the drifting currents and space offered by the open sea

How long a jellyfish lives in the wild can of course vary by species, and there are also natural predators to consider, like marine turtles, giant sunfish and sharks. 12 months is considered the average lifespan of a jellyfish Some tiny jellies live only for a few days to weeks, whereas some sea nettle jellyfish varieties can survive for years.

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