Live Fish | Shipping Fee Increase | July 2022

We are sorry to have to announce that our shipping fee for LIVE FISH orders below £25 will be increasing to £23.99 from 12/07/2022.

We have tried our best to absorb delivery cost increases over the past year, but it has become increasingly difficult to run at a profit on smaller orders.

Packaging costs have increased significantly, and our designated couriers (APC & DX) are levying high 'fuel surcharges' because of the current cost of fuel - sometimes up to 24%. We can no longer absorb such costs.

Shipping for orders between £25 and £99.99 will remain at £19.99, and will still be FREE on orders above £25. You will also receive a free pouch of fish food with every order. Dry goods and plants deliveries will remain FREE as standard.

We hope we can bring the cost down once the fuel price stabilises. Thanks for sticking with us during these testing times!


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