Tips to make your Planted Aquascape Aquarium a Success

Tips to make your Planted Aquascape Aquarium a Success

Planted aquariums or "aquascapes" as they have become known, form a key part of the modern day fish keeping hobby. Planting an aquarium can be a fulfilling and rewarding experience, if you get it right.

Here are some basic tips to help you on the way to a healthy aquascaped aquarium.



Light is the main energy source for plants. The density of your lighting determines which plants you can choose. The better the lighting system is, the more choice you will have.

Look for lighting systems with the right spectrum (usually red) for the type of plants you want to keep, especially if you are looking for more advanced plants that require specialist care.

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Supplementing your healthy roots with liquid fertilisers or even the addition of C02 systems, will promote healthy plant growth and help reduce the creation of algae.

The right type of planted substrate is recommended, to give your plants the best chance of rooting and thriving in your aquascape. Nutrient-rich substrate formulated specifically for plants is your media of choice.

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Water Quality and Movement

The common myth is that having aquarium plants will improve the water quality, thereby reducing the amount of maintenance you have to perform. While this may be true in terms of nutrient absorption, you will need to prune and clean up any dead vegetation and keep your water quality optimum to maintain a healthy fish tank overall.

Ensuring that your fish tank is equipped with a decent pump and a filter for water circulation and the collection of plant waste and small waste particles is essential. If you want a healthy aquascape don't skimp on the quality of your internal or external filtration.

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The Right Fish

Selecting fish for your aquarium is a matter of taste, but there are some species that are not well suited to planted aquariums. Cichlids, for example, are notorious for digging up plants and rearranging aquascapes. Other fish, like shoaling tetra and barbs, are perfect to compliment a beautiful aquascaped aquarium.

Using "gardeners" to manage your aquascape is a good idea - foraging shrimp, certain snails and algae-eating fish are ideal.

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