Tropica: Make your Planted Aquarium a Success!

The Tropica Guide to Making your Aquarium a Success

In 2021, Tropica celebrated 50 years in the aquarium trade. Famous for top-quality plants including the best-selling In-Vitro range, Tropica are firmly established as one of the finest producers of aquatic plants in the world.

The right planted aquarium involves 3 crucial factors:

Light is the main energy source for plants. Light intensity dictates which plants you can choose. The better the lighting setup, the more plant choice you have.

A good quality substrate is essential for storing nutrients for the plant roots, along with liquid fertiliser for regular use. CO2 can be added to promote plant growth and reduce the creation of algae.

Water Movement
You need to ensure that the aquarium is equipped with a pump and a filter for water circulation and collection of small particles.

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