What are Oxygenating Plants?


Why are some plants classed as oxygenating?

Ok so a living plant will go through two main processes - photosynthesis and respiration.

Photosynthesis occurs when the lights come on and all the other elements (i.e carbon dioxide and nutrients) are present. Plants will absorb and take in all of these environmental components and then release oxygen as a waste product.

Respiration is the flip-side of the photosynthesis process - the plant breaks down the food sources that it gains throughout the photosynthesis process, and uses the oxygen as a fuel source. Carbon dioxide is then produced as a waste product.

So in short, a fast growing plant will release more oxygen through photosynthesis then it uses up during respiration, hence being given the name oxygenating plant.

Having "oxygenating plants" in your aquarium or pond is very good thing because fish and bacteria use up oxygen continually through respiration.

Fact: Bacteria are the biggest consumers of oxygen, so keep a clean aquarium!


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