What else can you keep with a Betta Siamese Fighting Fish?

What can you keep with Betta Siamese Fighting Fish?

Despite being aggressive by nature, the temperament of male fighting fish can vary, and they can be kept quite happily with certain other species of fish. Other male Betta's, and gourami's, are a definite no. Siamese Fighter Fish must be kept with peaceful species, male Betta's are often housed quite nicely with catfish, snails, danios, corydoras, angelfish, tetras and less colourful guppies. If they all live together in a tank that features ample plants, you just might find success.

Refrain from housing Siamese fighting fish with gourami's, barbs, characins or fin-nipping fish. If aggression becomes an issue in any community tank, you should keep and maintain a separate suitable quarantine aquarium in which individuals can be placed to avoid conflict.

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