Dwarf Pygmy Corydoras


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Dwarf Pygmy Corydoras

The Dwarf Pygmy Corydoras are a great addition to a calm community aquarium. They stay small and are great clean up crew for the food that the other fish have missed.


Actual size: 2-3cm
Maximum size: 3cm
Origin: South America
Ideal number kept together: 5+

Water conditions
Our conditions: pH 7.5, temp 25°C
Ideal temperature 22-26°C
Ideal pH: 6.5 - 7.5 
Hardness: 36–268 ppm 

Ease of care
Easy. They are perfect for beginners as they are hardy and live well in a wider range of freshwater parameters. They need sandy substrate.

Sinking pellets or Catfish granules are best for them however they can also be given live or frozen like Daphnia, as a treat.

Peaceful, community aquarium. They live well with tank mates such as Tetra, Rasbora and Livebearer. They like a well planted aquarium with plenty of hiding spaces 

Breeding/ Sex

Intermediate. They lay eggs so you should have them in their own aquarium just in case the other fish eat the eggs. You should have more females to males for the best results. Females grow larger and are rounder bodied.

Life Span
They can live to anything from 2-3 years in perfect conditions.

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