L081 Queen Gold Nugget Pleco

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L081 Queen Golden Nugget Pleco

The Queen Golden Nugget Pleco L081, Baryancistrus sp., is also known as the Gold or Orange Seam Pleco, and the Small or Fine Spot Pleco among other names. It is one of many variations of Golden Nugget plecos. It is believed to originate from the Rio Xingu river in the Amazon basin, Brazil.

Golden Nugget pleco species can be aggressive toward other plecos, particularly other gold nuggets, and can be very territorial over breeding caves. It is highly recommended that Golden Nuggets are housed in dimly-lit, well-oxygenated larger aquariums with plenty of caves and hiding spaces to counteract any territorial behaviour if housing with other bottom feeders. Planted tanks with plenty of organic leaf matter are ideal.

L-number Pleco's - Advisory
If you are interested in keeping a specialist L-number pleco, please ensure you are able to take the time to acclimatise properly and are housing it in optimum conditions in well-oxygenated water. You must ensure that the aquarium parameters meet the specific needs of the species, and your filtration system is suitable and powerful enough to keep ammonia and nitrite levels zero or as close to perfect as possible. Failure to do this will lessen the chances of survival and ability to thrive to their potential. We will insist upon water test results in the event of any issues with our L-number ranges.

How big do L081 Gold Nugget plecos get?
L081 Baryancistrus golden nugget plecos can grow to a maximum length of 30cm, or 12" inches. They will typically reach and average size of 15cm in captive aquaria, or around 6" inches.

How often should I feed an L081 Golden Nugget Pleco?
Baryancistrus sp. pleco's are often under-nourished and fussy to adapt to new feed or conditions, so taking the time to monitor feeding under an extended period of acclimatisation is recommended. Ensuring a healthy resource of driftwood and organic plant matter will help Golden Nugget plec's adapt to grazing in the aquarium. Baryancistrus pleco's have a relatively high metabolism so may require several meals per day if they lack a grazing source. Dispose of any uneaten food within 15 minutes of feeding.


Approx. supplied size: 8-12cm / 3-5"
Maximum size: 30cm / 2"
Origin: Brazil
Family: Loricariidae
Temperament: generally peaceful, semi-aggressive towards other plecs
Lighting requirement: low to dim
Ideal number kept together: 1

Water conditions
Our conditions: pH 7.5, temp 28°C
Ideal pH: 6.0–7.5
Ideal temperature: 25-30°C
Waterflow: low to moderate

Ease of care
Advanced. They are highly sensitive to water conditions and fussy to eat. Golden Nugget pleco's can display aggressive tendencies towards other pleco's. L-number plecos do require a level of specialist care to ensure long-term survival, please do your preparation and research thoroughly.

Golden nugget pleco's are surface grazers, and will feed on organics forming on smooth surfaces of wood and glass. Supplement with meaty and vegetable food, such as bloodworm and good-quality algae wafers and pellets.


Golden Nugget pleco's can be housed quite happily with most community fish, and semi-aggressive but non-territorial fish mid to top-level swimming species. However, care must be taken if housing with other bottom-feeders, especially other pleco's, because they will be aggressive over territory (breeding caves). 

Not known to reproduce readily in captive conditions.

Life Span

Golden Nugget Pleco's generally have quite a short lifespan of anything from 1-3 years, but this can be attributed to the specialist needs of the species and extended by ensuring optimum conditions are maintained in the aquarium.

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