Nishikoi Clearwaters Pond Algae Blanketweed Treatment 1000ml

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Nishikoi Clearwaters Pond Algae Blanketweed Treatment 1000ml

ClearWaters achieved a Which? Best Buy in July 2016 and is designed to remove and control the growth of algae and blanketweed, keeping your pond looking healthy all year round.

ClearWaters contains algaecide which is the quickest and most effective way of killing algae straight away. When algae are growing they will absorb the algaecide and die. Therefore ClearWaters will work in all seasons. As algae will always grow if there is sufficient sunlight, ClearWaters is the preferred all year round solution.
As well as the algaecide, ClearWaters contains Microbes that work the same as these in Goodbye Blanket Weed and Micro Clear, therefore during warmer waters they will flourish and feed on the nitrates and stopping the return of the algae. Note: if the microbes are killed off due to a drop in temperature, which has been happening a lot in recent years (our British summers) the algae will most likely return and therefore your pond will need a re-dose of ClearWaters when the algae re-appears.

Unlike other algae and blanket-weed treatments, ClearWaters will also work in the colder months if the Algae and Blanket Weed are actively growing. ClearWaters will yield results down to a water temperature of 4 degrees centigrade. You can use ClearWaters blanket-weed treatment at anytime when the water temperature is above 4 degrees centigrade, and as long as there is algae ClearWaters will attack it.

This powder solution is safe for use with ultra violet clarifiers (UVC) and biological pond filters.It really is a powerful and highly effective treatment against blanket-weed and you can expect to see results within just 2 weeks of its first initial use.

1000ml tub treats 10,000 litres

25ml measure treats 500 litres, repeat dose after 14 days
After 28 days dose every fortnight at the rate of 25ml for every 2000 litres

For clear & healthy water for your fish and plants to thrive in
Contains sludge busting bacteria to decompose sludge & organic waste naturally
Safe to use with pond filters and uv sterilisers
1000ml tub treats 10,000 litres
Quick dissolving and works all year round (above 4°)
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