Are Shovelnose Catfish aggressive?

Are Shovelnose Catfish aggressive?

Shovelnose Catfish are not overly aggressive towards other fish, but they will eat smaller fish or shrimp and anything considered vulnerable prey. Shovelnose catfish should be considered predatory, with a semi-aggressive to aggressive temperament. 

Shovelnose catfish are often found in dense vegetation in the wild, so a shady, heavily planted aquarium with driftwood and rocks is recommended. The shovelnose uses its barbel's to both navigate in dark murky waters and hunt for prey.

Shovelnose catfish are considered predatory and are often spotted skimming the fish tank floor with its wide flat snout hunting for food. Shovelnose catfish will feed on smaller fish or anything else unfortunate enough to fit in its mouth. They are very active swimmers, so should not be considered a 'bottom-feeder'.

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