Bubbles in an Aquarium: Filling your Tank from New

Have mysterious air bubbles appeared in your fish tank? In this series of blogs, we explore theories of where the bubbles originate from and how to resolve them.

Filling your Aquarium for the First Time:

Filling a new fish tank is a thrill that all aquarists are addicted to, and the more you do it, the more you recognise typical occurrences. When you first add water to your aquarium, you'll notice pockets of air trapped among the substrate and decorations. As you add more water, and the volumetric weight increases, and air bubbles will rise and often cling to the aquarium glass.

This type of bubbling is completely harmless. Most of the time, these bubbles will disperse of their own accord as the aquarium temperature regulates and the flow rate stabilises. If they remain persistent, or on the rare occasion form a 'bubble-wall', you can use a basic algae scrubber or glass scraper to remove them.

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