Tropica: Celebrating 50 Years Under the Surface

Tropica: 50 Years Under the Surface

Tropica Aquarium Plants rolled out its first plant in May 1970, 50 years ago. Created by a passionate hobbyist, Holger Windeløv and pushed into the future by a dedicated corporate group, JPS Clemens, Tropica Aquarium Plants now services a global community of aquarists.

The 50 year anniversary book takes you through a journey of discovery, from the early 70's and the foundation of the company to present days and eventually looking into the future. Throughout the book you'll get to discover Tropica, the hobby and the community whilst also acquiring a few tools to navigate within the aquascaping.

50 Years Under the Surface is a softcover book for the 50th anniversary of Tropica documenting their exciting history. Experienced and professional aquarists contribute to the story and talk about their connections to aquascaping.

50 Years Under the Surface contains a lot of useful information about aquascaping, plants and Tropica products. A great opportunity to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Tropica.

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