Catfish Love Caves

Catfish Love Caves

Caves are an inexpensive way to add large-scale habitat and decoration to your aquarium, and are a must-have for fish tanks harboring a catfish.

Caves can be made of all sorts of materials, including resin, clay, wood and different types of rock.


Finding a piece of wood, or many pieces, that are hollow, have holes, curves and crevices that form a cave when laid down is a very natural setting for a small catfish to make home. A stack will also have the same effect. Plants can be attached to driftwood to create a natural-looking environment.

driftwood cave


Lots of different rocks can be used to build a cave, just make sure the rocks are structurally safe and suitable for aquariums before use.

You can also use thin slate pieces, stacked upon each other to construct different shapes and platforms. you can use aquarium sealant or coral glue to stick rocks and stones together.

rock cave

Plastic or Resin Ornaments

There are plenty of plastic or resin ornaments available for aquariums that mimic caves, or are purpose-built caves. Anything with holes that are smooth and fish-friendly will do the job.

ornament caves 

You can always complement your caves with leaf litter, offering natural cover and foraging areas, or smaller pieces of wood. To browse our range of dried leaves please click here.

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