Fibreglass Ponds | What does GRP stand for?

Fibreglass Ponds - What does GRP mean?

The term GRP is often used in descriptions of fibreglass ponds online. The acronym GRP actually means Glass Reinforced Plastic - where the glass refers to fibreglass matting, sometimes also called 'rovings'.

This material is extremely durable and even in the harshest environments, for example, the sea, fibreglass or 'GRP' can be expected to last many decades without significant maintenance. GRP forms the base material of many boat hulls too.

Customers often prefer to install a fibreglass pond in their garden because they don't like the folds in pond liners, and will often purchase fibreglass ponds for their smooth, easyclean, polished surface and the lifetime guarantee they offer.

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Photo credit(s): JR Aqua Landscapes


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