How Does Evolution Aqua Pure+ Filter Start Gel work?

What is Pure+ Filter Start Gel?

Evolution Aqua PURE+ Filter Start Gel is a live, concentrated bacteria culture for new and existing ponds. The gel-based solution sticks to the filter media to create a film that allows the nitrifying bacteria it contains to rapidly colonise your filter while helping to convert ammonia and nitrite, resulting in less stressed fish.

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Why is it different to other products on the market?

Evolutiona Aqua PURE+ Filter Start Gel is the result of extensive research and development work, the process and the length we take to produce our bacteria, provides the product its high bacteria count. Some manufacturers may make their products over days but we produce our bacteria over a 4-month period. Producing it over 4 months enables us to slow the bacteria activity right down to put into our products.

Most of the other products available on the market are mixed and bottled almost straight away and as a result have a relatively low bacteria count, especially after a 3-month shelf period where some products would lose most or even all of their bacteria count.

An important benefit of this unique process is that the bacteria is reactivated when it comes into contact with the pond water. This gives us the confidence that we can safely package our products and give them a 2-year shelf life even when shipping to places such as the USA or Europe without losing bacteria count.

When starting up a Koi pond, the media will start to mature only once the Koi have been added and the result of adding Koi means that the water parameters will change.

The breakdown of food and fish waste will create spikes in your ammonia and nitrite, but adding the Filter Start Gel will help to balance this.
The gel converts the ammonia and nitrite so that once the fish have been added, your media will mature quicker and reduce stress levels, resulting in a healthier pond.

With many ponds being under-filtered, PURE+ Filter Start Gel can assist with the survival of fish too, this is because the blend of different bacteria can help keep the fish alive, even during horrendous conditions.


How do I use it?

It's all fairly straight forward, when you first set up a pond, let the pond run for a couple of days to ensure there are no leaks. Then on day one of adding the fish dose your filter media with the PURE+ Filter Start Gel. The gel will start to work straight away.

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Adding to a new pond: 

1. If a UV-C is running, switch it off when dosing and keep switched off for 12 hours after dosing.

2. Add the fish to the pond.

3. Unscrew the cap and pour the contents of the bottle directly onto your filter media for the best results. You cannot over-dose your filter with gel.

4. We always advise the addition of oxygen to your pond via an air pump and diffuser when using PURE+ Filter Start Gel.

5. Always perform regular water tests using a suitable test kit, especially before adding fish to the pond

Adding to an established pond:

The good bacteria you have accumulated over the summer months will have been affected, due to the cold weather conditions over the winter period.

It is encouraged to use PURE+ Filter Start Gel on your media once your fish start to feed again, this ensures that the ammonia and nitrite do not spike during this time, keeping your fish healthy.

Top up your filter with the gel after each maintenance when cleaning your filter.


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