How big do Chocolate Oranda goldfish get?

How big do Chocolate Oranda goldfish get?

There are many different types of fancy goldfish, one popular variety is the oranda goldfish. Chocolate oranda are a breed of goldfish that originate from China, with a prominent bubble-like hood on the head also known as a "wen" or crown. It has a large, long and deep body (they can be as wide as they are long) accompanied by a long quadruple tail.

A fully grown Chocolate Oranda fancy goldfish usually reaches 15-30cm, around 6-12" inches in length. A high protein feed and a large aquarium will help to achieve maximum growth potential. Care must be taken not to house with smaller fish that can fit in its mouth, when it reaches adult size. 

chocolate oranda

Photo credit(s): L Chinnery


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