How do you keep Water Lettuce alive in the Winter?

How do you keep water lettuce alive in the winter?

Water lettuce, Pistia Stratiotes, is great for keeping pond water healthy for fish and aquatic life. The roots are long and will trap and help break down waste and plant debris, as well as trapping small insects and creatures for fish to feed on.

However, water lettuce is not a hardy pond plant and will not tolerate low temperatures or harsh sunlight (excessive heat). It is recommended that water lettuce is brought inside over winter by placing several plants in tub filled with pond water, with a small layer of sand or soil at the bottom before the first frost. Store overwintering water lettuce in an area with bright light and a temperature of at least 10°c (50°F).

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Why is my water lettuce turning yellow or dying?

There are a few reasons why your water lettuce may be suffering. A lack of nutrients in the pond will cause water lettuce to grow poorly and turn yellow or a dusty light brown at the leaves edges. This is commonly a problem in ponds with very few fish, or new ponds that do not contain organic matter breaking down already.

Excess sunlight may also cause issues, as it can cause water lettuce to shrivel and dry out. Water lettuce is such a vigorous grower though, if it has many nutrients to absorb from the pond it will proliferate. Adding more fish will help prevent the leaves yellowing, as well as readily available fertilizer water treatments.

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