Is Water Lettuce Good for my Pond? Pistia Stratiotes

Is water lettuce good for my garden pond?

Yes, water lettuce, Pistia Stratiotes, is great for keeping pond water healthy for fish and aquatic life. The roots are long and will trap and help break down waste and plant debris, as well as trapping small insects and creatures for fish to feed on.

Water Lettuce floating pond plants also helps to reduce algae blooms by blocking sunlight in the water and by using up the nutrients needed for the algae to bloom. Water lettuce is a valuable oxygenator and provides shade for fish and fish fry.

Water lettuce are so named because they resemble a floating head of lettuce with light green foliage. The leaves are soft & hairy. Water Lettuce spreads by sending out runners to form young plants. Pistia do best placed in sheltered ponds of slow currents or still waters.

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