OATA Care Guide: Starfish, Sea Urchins, Sea Cucumbers

 OATA The Ornamental Aquatic Trade Association

OATA, the Ornamental Aquatic Trade Association, was set up in 1991 and throughout that time have represented the whole aquatic industry – from importers, manufacturers and wholesalers to retailers and pond and aquarium consultants.

OATA produce a good range of free care sheets for coldwater, tropical freshwater and marine fish as well as for invertebrates, aquatic reptiles and plants.

All of these species belong to the echinoderms, and all show a five-fold symmetry of the body, although this is less obvious in sea cucumbers. They are found throughout the ocean’s depths, although the ones associated with the aquarium industry are found predominantly in tropical coral reefs.

Please click the image below to open OATA's guide to Starfish, Sea Urchins and Sea Cucumbers. 

OATA Guide to Starfish...

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