Setting Up Your Aquarium Step 1: Cleaning your Tank and Equipment

Cleaning your Tank and Equipment

Setting up a new aquarium can be an exciting and pleasurable experience, but you must ensure it is done correctly to avoid rookie errors and later complications.

When you have your aquarium built, thoroughly wash all equipment and decorations in warm water - but do not use soap or any chemicals. Hold your ornaments and plastic plants under running water to clean every gap and crevice.

plastic aquarium plants

Before adding any gravel or substrate, empty it into a container or plastic bucket and rinse through with running water. Use your hands to move the gravel around to ensure that any dust or residue is released until the water runs clear. Make sure that any container or bucket you use is clean and free from (and not previously used for) chemical or harmful product residue.

Any equipment going into the tank should be thoroughly rinsed prior to installing, which includes filters, pumps and heaters too. Make sure all pumps and filters are opened and inspected, ensuring that impellors are in place correctly and filter media packages are removed from any plastic wrapping.

The inside of your aquarium can also be given a wipe with a wet cloth to remove any dust or residue that may have formed on the glass.

fish tank plants

If you are adding real aquarium plants, it is a good idea to 'dip' these prior to adding to your tank, to destroy any snail eggs or parasites that could potentially be within them. A product such as Esha Gastopex makes a useful plant dip for this purpose.

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