Should I put my Fish Tank near a TV?

Should I put my Fish Tank near a TV?

There are a few things to consider when locating a fish tank particularly in a front room or living area. Near a window may cause algae issues through direct sunlight, near a radiator and the temperature may fluctuate, but have you ever considered the risks near a TV?

Placing a fish tank near other electrical appliances is fraught with risk, particularly if it leaks onto them or near plugs - electricity and water do not mix. Siting your tank under a TV is probably not wise either. The sound - bass notes in particular - are likely to disturb and potentially stress the fish.

Fish are extremely sensitive to loud noises, picking up the tiny changes in water pressure they cause through their lateral line. Loud noise can cause fish to panic, knocking into glass and decor leading to stress, which can leave them prone to disease.

For this reason, if you want to install a fish tank in your front room it is recommended to place it a good few feet away from any televisions or stereos. Turning an old TV into a fish tank however, is a pretty cool idea... who needs television when you have fish!

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