The Best Aquarium Internal Filters for 2024

What are the best Aquarium Internal Filters for 2024?

In this regular annual feature, we detail the best selling and most reliable aquarium products from the previous year to inform your purchases for 2024.

Here we detail which internal aquarium filters proved the most popular and most reliable, based on our own 2023 data.

We calculate our list based on a simple formula of volume of sales divided by the total number of complaints, warranty faults and returns during 2023. The highest scoring top-5 are listed below.

Below is a list of the recommended best aquarium internal filters for 2024:

1. Betta Internal Filter 600 - the best aquarium internal filter based on 2023 sales and reliability data.

2. Fluval U2 Internal Filter - the second best aquarium internal filter based on 2023 sales and reliability data.

3. Aqua One IFXE 150 Internal Filter - a highly recommended filter for small to medium sized fish tanks.

4. Betta Internal Filter 800 - a great internal filter for medium sized for fish tanks.

5. Ciano CF40 Internal Filter  - a recommended internal filter for your small aquarium.



About this list of Best Internal Filters for 2024

Internal Filters are used as aquarium filtration systems inside of the fish tank, usually affixed to the glass using suction cups. They differ from external aquarium filters in so much as they are visable inside the aquarium, offering a much more direct approach to filtering but usually without the media capacity of an external canister filter.

Above are listed the top 5 best aquarium internal filters for 2024, based on Real Aquatics 2023 sales and reliability data from Real Aquatics outlets on eBay, Amazon and official websites.

The list above consists of internal filters only, and does not include other variations like external and hang-on filters - these are featured in separate lists.


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