Why protect your ponds from Herons?

Why protect your ponds from Herons?

The experienced pondkeeper is well aware of the threat posed by Heron's towards their beloved livestock. Many a hobbyist has come dashing into their garden waving arms frantically to ward off a large grey bird with a prize Koi fish in it's beak.

Herons, whilst spectacular to look at, are overall negative for garden ponds. Herons will eat the fish and other animals in the pond, and can also damage pond plants and the pond liner with their sharp beaks.


The most common pond feeder is the Grey heron (Ardea cinerea). Grey Heron's, Bittern and Little egret are all native to the UK and throughout temperate Europe and Asia, and also parts of Africa.

A long-legged wading bird, Herons are mostly solitary and shy birds, so they can be deterred by various methods, such as netting decoys, floating grid rings or fencing.

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