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Hong Kong Butterfly Borneo Loach Pleco
Siamese Algae Eater
Live Fish Siamese Algae Eater
Sale price£2.99
Sold out
Weather LoachWeather Loach
Live Fish Weather Loach
Sale price£5.69
Sold out
Black Kuhli Loach
Live Fish Black Kuhli Loach
Sale priceFrom £2.09
Sold out
Otocinclus Otto Dwarf SuckerOtocinclus Otto Dwarf Sucker
Live Fish Otocinclus Otto Dwarf Sucker
Sale priceFrom £3.99
Sold out
Pakistani Yo-Yo LoachPakistani Yo-Yo Loach
Live Fish Pakistani Yo-Yo Loach
Sale price£3.99
Sold out
Zebra Loach
Live Fish Zebra Loach
Sale price£6.99
Sold out
Chinese Algae Eater Golden Sucking LoachChinese Algae Eater Golden Sucking Loach
Clown Loach Small 2-3"Clown Loach Small 2-3"
Live Fish Clown Loach Small 2-3"
Sale price£11.99
Sold out
Golden Chinese Algae Eater Sucking Loach
Golden Weather Dojo Loach
Live Fish Golden Weather Dojo Loach
Sale price£5.69
Sold out
Butterfly Hillstream LoachButterfly Hillstream Loach
Live Fish Butterfly Hillstream Loach
Sale priceFrom £8.99
Sold out
Garra Rufa Doctor Fish
Live Fish Garra Rufa Doctor Fish
Sale price£3.95
Sold out
Freshwater Cobalt Blue Goby
Live Fish Freshwater Cobalt Blue Goby
Sale price£5.99
Sold out
Flying Fox
Live Fish Flying Fox
Sale price£6.99
Sold out
Bichir Bichirs Polypterus SenegalusBichir Bichirs Polypterus Senegalus
Dwarf Chain LoachDwarf Chain Loach
Live Fish Dwarf Chain Loach
Sale price£12.95
Sold out
Reedfish Reed Rope Fish 7-8"Reedfish Reed Rope Fish 7-8"
Live Fish Reedfish Reed Rope Fish 7-8"
Sale price£21.95
Sold out
Red Tail Botia LoachRed Tail Botia Loach
Live Fish Red Tail Botia Loach
Sale priceFrom £9.99
Sold out
Skunk Botia LoachSkunk Botia Loach
Live Fish Skunk Botia Loach
Sale priceFrom £5.59
Sold out

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