Oase AquaActiv DuoBoost Pond Health Booster 5cm 250ml

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Oase AquaActiv DuoBoost Pond Health Booster 5cm 250ml

Oase AquaActiv DuoBoost is a complementary two-phase booster to support pond biology and create a healthy pond environment. Simply add AquaActiv DuoBoost directly into your pond or filter using the supplied mesh bag. The innovative bacteria gel and optimally chosen minerals contained in the balls work as a dual action to activate the natural pond biology in a quick and easy process.

DuoBoost First Phase
The first phase of action consists of highly active enzymes and bacteria contained in the fluid gel which can be added directly to the pond or filter chamber. These enzymes and bacteria aid in the removal of organic materials, ammonium, nitrite and nitrate. The gel will also help activate the natural bacteria within your ponds filtration system by providing optimal conditions.

DuoBoost Second Phase
The second complementary phase is contained within the 2cm or 5cm DuoBoost Balls which will dissolve over time, releasing important trace elements, co-substrates, minerals and valuable additives which are important for a healthy pond and are otherwise difficult to introduce into an artificial pond environment.

Both complementary phases of Oase DuoBoost lay the foundations for achieving clear, healthy water and exceptional pond biology. If the water is green, however, you should use a UVC clarifier to remove the algae causing the problem. If required, you can repeat treatment with DuoBoost several times a year.

Dosage Rates...
DuoBoost 5cm 250ml - Suitable for ponds up to 20,000L

Complementary two-phase booster for healthy ponds
Significant improvement of water quality and pond biology
Simple to use, as often as required
Important trace elements and minerals for all pond types
Includes mesh bag - to prevent fish or other aquatic life from consuming the balls

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