How to Help a Dog that is Afraid of Thunder

How to Help a Dog that is Afraid of Thunder

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In the UK, thunderstorms can be quite a regular occurrence, even in summer. Many dog owners can find bad weather quite troubling if their dogs are terrified of or triggered by the loud noise.

Fear of thunderstorms can be a tricky issue to resolve, particularly if your dog has a severe case of it. Audio training tracks are an option - playing sounds or even YouTube videos of storms, and gradually increasing the volume over time while engaging your dog in something he or she enjoys, is a valid technique that can yield results.

Some dogs however, aren't fooled by audio techniques, and it may be necessary to try a different tact. Medications are available to help calm your pet, both prescription and non, and there are some holistic remedies on the market which show effectiveness. Pet calming collars, drops, and treats are highly effective at calming your pet during thunderstorms, and similar noisy occurrences like fireworks.

Because of the difficulties treating thunderstorm phobia, it is always recommended to speak with your veterinarian first. Calming medication for dogs can help, but so can a referral to a trainer or pet behavioural expert.

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