Fantasy Fish AI: Fancy Cichlid

Fantasy Fish AI: Fancy Cichlid

In this regular blog we ask an AI image creator to produce images of the 'fantasy fish' we would like to keep if we could find or create them. Actually, to be honest, this blog originates from experiments to produce accurate images of actual fish species, many of which went horribly wrong! Maybe we should call it 'mutant AI fish experiments'...?

This time around we asked AI to "show me an African cichlid cross-bred with a fancy goldfish swimming in an aquarium" and this is what we got. African Cichlids are hugely popular, as are fancy goldfish, so we've chosen to mix the two for our experiment with AI.

African cichlids are a fascinating group of freshwater fish native to Africa’s three great lakes: Lake Malawi, Lake Tanganyika, and Lake Victoria. Fancy goldfish on the other hand are a captivating group of selectively bred freshwater fish that exhibit unique features compared to common goldfish.

Many images were produced of completely different species and shapes, so here are the closest to our fantasy fish artificial intelligence could produce. What do you think? This is what AI interprets for the prompt "show me an African cichlid cross-bred with a fancy goldfish swimming in an aquarium" >>> 

As anyone who has tangled with AI to produce specific blogs images or text will know, in its current form and without the correct prompting AI doesn't always quite produce what you need. We'll persevere and publish the most interesting examples!

If you have any thoughts on the above or ideas for fantasy fish you would like us to experiment with, please comment below and we'll have a tinker!


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Photo credit(s): Mark Chinnery, asserted rights via Midjourney AI

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