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Koi Fish Thefts - The Myth of Expensive Fish

Many koi keepers and pond enthusiasts alike will tell you how much they prize koi carp in their garden ponds. The value of most however can be a little misleading, especially to potential fish-nabbing scoundrels on the rob.

Good quality koi carp can cost a couple of hundred pounds at your average garden centre or koi farm, but any potential resale value is negligible - especially after being introduced into your unique garden pond ecosystem.

koi carp in blue bowl

Pond fish, especially koi, are regularly targeted by theives that believe any large koi is worth big bucks. However it is unlikely most pond fish are worth more than a few pounds a piece, as only koi of known provenance and pedigree with particular patterning attract high prices.

Koi fish, particularly those of pedigree such as bred and supplied by Cuttlebrook Koi in Oxfordshire, are unlikely to be kept anywhere that's easy to steal from, or in your common garden pond lacking security. Nabbing pond fish, particularly koi of assumed value, is not a crime that'll pay.

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