Do Weather Loaches eat Algae and Snails?

Do Weather Loaches eat Algae and Snails?

The eel-shaped weather loach, or pond loaches, are native to Myanmar, much of North-eastern Asia and down towards central China. Weather loach are found in many different habitats from flowing rivers and streams to stagnant waters of swamps, ponds, and rice fields.

Weather loaches are so-named because of the belief that they are able to predict changes in barometric pressure.

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Do Weather Loach eat algae?
No, weather loaches do not commonly eat algae and should not be considered for the purpose of algae control in an aquarium.

Do Weather Loach eat snails?
Yes, weather loaches will often use their barbels to search for small snails and food. They do not eat snails on a huge scale however, and will commonly leave larger snails and shrimp alone, such as ramshorns and river shrimp. They are rather fond of fish eggs too, so be aware of this if kept with egg-layers.

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